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◆Shopping in Japan just got more fun!◆

Just 3 seconds!

Shopping in Japan just got more fun!

By simply scanning a product’s barcode, information on that product is displayed in the language of your country.

This is a very convenient app for overseas travel and shopping.

Using this app makes shopping in Japan easier and more fun.

By simply downloading the app and scanning the barcode of a product you’re interested in, detailed information about that product will be displayed in the language of your country!

It’s an easy way to learn about not only the appeal of the product, but also its features and how to use it, information you can’t get from the package alone.

Let’s try scanning everything that catches the eye, from cosmetics, to medicine, daily necessities, and even candy!

◆Super convenient at times like these!◆

•When you’re shopping in Japan, and are worried about not understanding the language.
•When you’re interested in the details of a product, but you can’t read the writing.
•When you’re concerned about ingredients you’re allergic to in food products in Japan
•When it’s aggravating, or impossible, to do Google searches while shopping
•When you’re interested in reading more word-of-mouth about a product

◆Plenty of product information and ease-of-use◆

•Assists you in your shopping with a wealth of product information!
•Can be used for a variety of Japanese products, like cosmetics, medicine, and health foods.
•It takes only 3 seconds after scanning for the information to appear!
•Rankings of products popular in Japan in each category!

◆See product reviews◆
•You’ll also find word-of-mouth about the products!
•You can leave a Like! for your favorite products!

*Supported languages

Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean

*Supported categories

Toiletries, cosmetics, medicine, daily necessities, electronics, food products, health foods, Japanese souvenirs